What we do?

  • Providing Industrial IoT and IoT Microchip implant technologies.
  • Robotic and Nano technologies; professional consulting on smart cars and drones.
  • Project Management in a wide variety of business applications; particularly in national IoT projects.
  • Designing, Managing and administrating and securing high-tech cloud services.
  • Providing legal and economical consultations to businesses owners inside Euro zone and the US.
  • High premium on providing preemptive legal support; focus on intellectual property, IT law, Copyright and licenses.


Who Are We?


My office is located centrally in Copenhagen close to the main pedestrian street with several nice restaurants, and shopping opportunities.
Being an environmentally friendly city, Copenhagen is repeatedly recognized globally as the city of the world with the best quality of life for its residents.
If you are thinking of sending a message, Then please fill in the contact form Here. If you want to post me a letter or something, use the postal address in Contact page. If you need to meet in person, there will be a long waiting time depending on the project. In such case,


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